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Pasword are like chewing gum

they test best when fresh

Change your password  regularly
Safe Computing Tips :-
Do not share your personal information to unknown people on web site.
Create hard to guess password & keep them private & change them regularly.
Do not open emails from unknown source.
Use antivirus , firewall , antimalware , Anti rootkit & update them regularly.
Update Your Operating system & Web Browser regularly.
Do not leave your computer unattended.
Never share your true identity in chat room.
Maintain regular backup of all data / names / email address in your contact list.
Safe Online Banking :-
Keep your password / pin code safe & memories them.
Check that the online banking web site is secure , Beware of fake website.
Logout immediately after you have completed your online transaction.
Do not copy or click on any link attach to emails.
Do not respond to email asking your personal information.
Read privacy & policy statement before any transaction
Check your account statement to ensure that no unauthorized transaction has taken place.
Some Tips for Safe Social Networking :-
Do not rival too much information about yourself online.
Be careful while communicating with people you have meet recently online.
Add people as a friend to your site only if you know them in person.
Delete inappropriate message from your profile.
Do not post information about your friends as you may put them at risk.
What you post online is not private , it can be seen  to every one.
Shop Safely Online :-
Shop with merchant that you know or trust.
Check that Shopping website is secure.
Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls or emails from merchants.
Read merchants refunds & exchange policies before making purchase.
Do not share your password.
Always print & keep the order confirmation document.
Read privacy statement.
Use the Anti Virus.
Never enter your personal information in pop up screen.
ATM Theft :-
When a thief forces you to take money from ATM do not argue or resist.
You might not what he or she might do to you , what you should do is punch your pin in reverse i.e if your pin is 1234 you type 4321 . The moment you punch in the reverse the money will come out but will be stuck in to machine half way out & will alert Police without notice of the thief.
Every ATM has it, It is specially made to signify danger help , not every one is aware of this.